Police Chase Ends in Sherman Oaks with Injuries September 2015

If you have been injured by someone recklessly driving or fleeing from police speak to a local Sherman Oaks accident attorney today. Insurance companies will be contacting you in the near future trying to get statements to minimize their payouts.

Compensation from drivers of stolen vehicles

In California, there are many factors involved in a case where someone was injured by the driver of a stolen car. Some people will tell you that you have nobody to hold liable for your injuries. This is not true. It does depend on how the car was stolen. Also, there are ways to get compensation from your own insurance company if you have underinsured motorist coverage. Even if the vehicle that hit you had NO insurance it doesn’t hurt to call us. The consultation is free.

Sherman Oaks Accident:

On September 25, 2015, a high speed chase ended in Sherman Oaks in a violent crash. LAPD had been in pursuit for around 40 minutes. Here is a video of the crash:

Allen Vaysberg practices personal injury law and works tirelessly to defeat the tactics of insurance companies and large corporations who try to deny justice and fair compensation to injured people.
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